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Synopsis for "Choose Wisely"

In Orlando, a siege begins by Android. A fleeing mother and daughter goes to authorities; however, they do not notice the attack. The Avengers arrive and starts to end the coming attack. Meanwhile, in a orange grove, where a family watch news on the attack on Orlando and the arrival of the Avengers. One of them decides to go assist the Avengers, and turns into Captain Citrus.

Meanwhile, a incoming blast hits a nearby enemy close to Captain America. However, it is not Iron Man as the Captain thought. Captain Citrus arrived, and the Captain reminds the rest.

The Avengers rejoice, and they form a plan to power Thor's hammer with Sitrus's power; then, the power is released, thus frying the humanoid's circuits. The police return to a normal state, but the commander of the humanoids is unknown. Citrus leads them to a area with a thunderstorm over it. Upon entering, they meet the Leader, who stops and freezes them by telepathy. With them trapped, he discusses his plan to order the president to command a military strike on a neutral country.

Citrus then escapes from his clamps, and tries to stop the Leader. However, his attempts prove unsuccessful to destroy the machine, for his solar beams reflect, hitting him. He realizes he has to cut off the machine's power, which in turn, will go to Citrus's pods. He takes all the electricity, turning off the power and freeing the Avengers. However, he falls to the floor. The humanoids attack, and the Leader disappears, but is quickly found and hit by the captain, ending his attack. He points out that his friend is "quiet," but when seeing a interaction between the pods and the soil, and he wakes up. The Leader is arrested, and Citrus is finally thanked.


  • The comic was released as an advertisement for Florida Orange Juice, and promoting its health effects and plans on eating well.


  • The comic featured an advertisement for Marvel's Avengers Assemble, a advertisement for Florida Orange Juice, a crossword, and a word find.

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