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Quote1.png He didn't decide to become the Hulk... But he gets to decide what the Hulk becomes. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Spider-Woman's pheromones manage to calm the Hulk down enough to administer the antibiotics. The Avengers track Han's plane to a Chinese town in the shadow of a cliff with a reservoir inside. Within the reservoir, Han admonishes Sorokin, whom he had contracted for years to help create an evolutionarily advanced army with the bacteria he had harvested. Concluding that the weak-willed Sorokin was never going to provide his army, and that the superior genetic hosts of the Avengers would soon be arriving on his doorstep anyway, Han poisons Sorokin with the bacteria-growing catalyst, kicks him into the reservoir that he had filled with the bacteria, then opens the reservoir onto the town below with the intention of infecting the Avengers as they fly in to help.

Realizing this plan, the Avengers intend to send out the Hulk, since he's already infected. Spider-Woman is opposed to treating their patient -- who's still in intense pain -- as an involuntary weapon, and insists that Hulk choose for himself. Despite the pain, Hulk chooses to be an Avenger and is dropped down to attack Han in the reservoir. Meanwhile, Thor sucks the tainted water into a whirlwind and carries it into the upper atmosphere to freeze, where Captain Marvel tosses it into the depths of space. With the danger of infection passed, the other Avengers join Hulk in the reservoir to face Han, delivering him a quick defeat.

Later, the Avengers point out to Banner and Stark that neither of them found Sorokin first, so they both have to walk naked from the Baxter Building to Avengers Tower for losing the bet.

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