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Reconvening at Ringworld after the battle with the Builders, the Avengers realize that Captain Marvel and Hawkeye's ship is missing and presumed destroyed. Spider-Woman takes it badly and insists they go back and look for her best friend and boyfriend, but before they can make a decision the Builders find Ringworld and attack. After the evacuation, Captain America passes along that there's at least one human captive aboard the Builders' ship according to what J-Son saw in his communique. Spider-Woman takes Black Widow, Shang Chi, and Manifold onto the Builders' ship to find and rescue their people. They succeed, Starbrand destroys the ship, and they all return to the Lilandra safely. Reunited, Clint and Jessica take a moment to reconcile their differences.

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• Part 2 of 2! Spider-Woman and Black Widow to the rescue!

• Watch out alien marauders…these ladies pack a sting!

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