Quote1.png I just wanted to thank you. Both of you. All of you. And say I'm so, so sorry I called you dumb! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Girl

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  • Limo

Synopsis for 1st story

Covington realizes Schlick's power is invisibility to machines, and that whoever sold her his cocoon probably thought it was empty, which is why they turned it into a bomb to try to kill her. She immediately sets to work isolating the genetic modification to give herself his stealth powers.

Meanwhile, Jessica's pheromones allow the spider women to escape from AIM. They realize there's a good chance Anya's teacher is dead, but she's determined to at least recover his body. Their next step is to have Wolverine track down Vennema and for Dr.Banner to interrogate her by threatening to turn into the Hulk inside her limo. Vennema then reveals that the cocoon was sold to June Covington.

Solicit Synopsis

Spider-Woman and the Hulk -- Team Sad! -- are Back in Black… and red. And yellow. And purple and green. A lot of green.

• Speaking of green… Spider-Girl follows in the footsteps of her investigative reporter Dad and follows the money.

• The Toxic Doxie has her very own Inhuman… All that a homicidal maniac could ask for.

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