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Toxic Doxie's operatives assault the compound of the weapons dealer through whom she bought the coccoon to find out that it was AIM's New York cell that sold it to her. She finishes harvesting the Inhuman stealth power to add it to her own modifications, intending to use it against AIM in revenge.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman teaches Spider-Girl her resourceful information-gathering ways, and when they find Covington's base, Wolverine takes over to teach her his enemy stronghold-infiltrating ways. Suiting her up with combat golves, an armored vest, and a long coat with a hood, Wolverine takes Spider-Girl in a flying car to Covington's lab, where they find its interns fighting looters over the abandoned tech inside. They fight through the rabble and face Covington's assistant, who tells them that her boss is long gone with the guy inside the coccoon, revealing to Anya that her teacher may still be alive.

Solicit Synopsis

While tracking the toxic Dr. Covington, the education of SPIDER-GIRL takes a horrific turn: she must hero under the tutelage of the THE CURMUDGEONLY AVENGER: WOLVERINE!

  • The INHUMAN that the AVENGERS seek has unique ability--one that, in the wrong hands, could change everything!
  • WARREN ELLIS (AVENGERS: ENDLESS WARTIME) once again joins KELLY SUE DECONNICK (CAPTAIN MARVEL) in a delightfully demented dance through the Avengers roster.

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