Quote1.png We have been busy. And yet, the whole time, you've been working with us. With the Black Widow, and Captain Marvel. and Spider-Woman, and Bruce Banner, and Logan, and Tony. You thought we weren't paying attention? That we didn't care? Every one of us has been where you are right now. This place, this is where we come when the monsters we face are too powerful or too plentiful... From the moment you stepped in here... you were never alone. Quote2.png
-- Captain America (Steven Rogers)

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Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man, starts his morning with a cup of coffee. In the Avengers' kitchen, he meets a frustrated Spider-Girl, whose hunt for June Covington and her kidnapped victims has hit a brick wall, and who doesn't know what to do next. Tony casually says she should consult her files, then reacts in horror when he realises that she doesn't have any - and that she has been taking costume tips from Wolverine.

Immediately, he takes her into a sideroom and shows her his files - his personal cloud storage, on which he stores all the data he encounters that might possibly be useful. After over a decade of scrounging tiny pieces of data, he has intricate files on all the major and minor extreme science research groups, and a detailed list of facilities. By applying some logic, and Anya's existing notes, they narrow down the list of possible locations Covington could be at to one - Hemoglobal, within driving distance of her lab, and operating with a skeleton staff due to the long weekend. The duo leave at once.

At Hemoglobal, Iron Man finds the corpse of a scientist, while Anya finds the comatose body of one of the kidnapees - which is odd, because Iron Man's systems cannot see him. Anya figures it out - what if the man's Inhuman ability is to be invisible to machines? Tony works it through - June Covington is not here, so she has the sequence for machine invisibility and now plans to do something with it. Flying the victim to a hospital, they pass under the George Washington Bridge, where they find a mass of corpses in A.I.M. uniforms. Checking police radio, Tony discovers that an A.I.M. security substation was attacked earlier today by assailants who show up on no cameras...

At the Madison Avenue A.I.M. substation, Covington strikes again, flooding the base with toxic gas and directing her forces to mutilate the corpses, in order to terrify A.I.M.

At Bellevue Hospital, doctors get around being unable to scan the victim by using drugs to wake him up. The victim explains that during brief lucid periods, he heard Dr Covington say that "aim" had a second Terrigenesis cocoon, and her efforts now are to acquire it. Anya is set to leave to get the second cocoon, but Tony asks her to follow him to one other stop.

At Avengers Tower, Tony introduces Anya to Captain America, and tells him what they know. Captain America responds that a second A.I.M. substation has been hit, in what feels like a preemptive strike. Captain America asks Anya what she will do next. Anya responds that she will go in alone.

Amused, Captain America points out that she is not alone. Her pride and stubbornness is something she shares with every hero who has ever been in the room. Meanwhile, her investigations have been shared with wiser figures, and she has kept pace every step of the way. Now, he will help her find the second cocoon. He will assemble, in her name, the Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mad Scientist June Covington is at war in New York City with A.I.M. for control of new Inhuman abilities! (And also because she hates people and likes killing them!)

• SPIDER-GIRL has to enlist the help of IRON MAN to understand what’s at stake, how to fight it – and, if she’s very lucky, how to recover her friend without ending up dead.

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