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Appearing in "Zodiac, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Zodiac, Part Three"

Thor tries to talk to the members of the Zodiac who just attacked the Helicarrier. As soon as Aquarius states that battling Hulk is something not very common, the Green Goliath attacks Leo, but the villain punches him away and out of the Helicarrier. Meanwhile, some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents start start acting against the emergency.

The Avengers start fighting the Zodiac and Black Widow runs away with the Ultimate Nullifier, Libra alerts Aquarius as soon as she realizes Widow's escape and he starts following her. Inside the Helicarrier, Widow is running and escapes from one of Aquarius' whirlpools.

Back to the fight, Tony tries to convince the Zodiac to surrender peacefully, but he's only making time for his armor to be online again, "Ah, that's better". Just as his armor covers him totally, Iron Man blasts all the villains, allowing the rest of the Avengers to subdue them. After Pisces asks Iron Man if "That all you got?", Hulk returns angry and rushes to Leo, making both fall from the Helicarrier, after landing, Hulk beats repeatedly him shouting "Who are you?" and "What is this?".

Back inside the Helicarrier, Aquarius loses the track of Black Widow, who's in the ventilation ducts. The battle continues as Captain America asks Maria Hill to abandon the ship, but she orders other two agents to follow her to the armory. Hulk continues to beat Leo until he suffers a heart attack and dies, the energy of his costume leaves him and rises over the sky and passes through Iron Man's armor, Tony asks the armor to identify the source of the fluctuation, but is unidentified.

Thor assist Hawkeye in battle while Maria Hill an the other two agents gets to the armory, where Black Widow is carrying a gun waiting for Aquarius. Maria talks to Widow about asking for reinforcement, but Natasha informs Hill about Cap's decision of not involve any other heroes. Iron Man arrives as he tries to find a way to stop the Zodiac, stating that the power source of them is being transmitted. As he finds a sonic disruptor, he heads back to the battle along Widow and Hill in a flying car.

Widow, Hill and Iron Man attacks the Zodiac with the disruptor, leaving them powerless. When Captain is asking them who sent them, a massive energy fluctuation heads their way. When it collides the Helicarrier it's revealed to be Thanos, who will end the life of our planet because the Avengers intromission in his plan.

Solicit Synopsis

• Avengers versus the Zodiac! But who is behind the Zodiac? • PLUS! The reappearance of a team of characters you’ve been clamoring for!

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