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Quote1 Hi. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think we can help. Quote2

Appearing in "Zodiac, Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Zodiac, Part Four"

Arriving aboard the airborne S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Thanos reveals himself as the power behind the new Zodiac. Mind-controlling the Hulk as a pawn against the Avengers, Thanos re-empowers the Zodiac, tasking them with reclaiming the Ultimate Nullifier. Fearing the situation growing rapidly out of control, Iron Man advises The President to give executive order "Bubble", a self-destruct protocol taking the Helicarrier- and its onboard combatants- to a safe altitude before detonation. While Iron Man surrounds his teammates with a repulsor force field and Thanos teleports away, it seems several members of the Zodiac perish in the explosion.

Later, at an unknown location, Captain America interrogates the one member of the Zodiac that they have captured - Cancer, revealed as The Hood's cousin and former right-hand, John King. Unable to get King to talk, the Black Widow takes over, successfully getting information from him with her "alternative" methodology. King relays how Thanos came to him to gather others, all of whom would be empowered in exchange for gathering a list of cosmic-level items. Feeling overwhelmed by the vast scope of the threat and uncertain how to best strategize, the Guardians of the Galaxy suddenly arrive at Avengers Tower, offering help.

Solicit Synopsis

• The secret of the Zodiac is revealed!

• What impact will this revelation have on the Avengers…and the world as they know it?!


  • In this issue, the modern Guardians of the Galaxy meetup with the Avengers for the first time.

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