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You know how you say nothing good came from Earth...
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Rocket Raccoon
Except the Egg McMuffin.
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And me.
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I know what I said, Quill.
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Appearing in "Zodiac, Part Six"

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Synopsis for "Zodiac, Part Six"

By Captain America's request, Maria Hill gathers the various active factions of the Avengers and three-quarters of the Fantastic Four for an address on the roof of Avengers Tower. Conferencing-in from deep space, Cap, Iron Man and the others debrief the larger assembly on the growing crisis involving Thanos and the stolen Cosmic Cube, asking them to spearhead and coordinate global defense from a potential attack.

On the Badoon homeworld of Moord, Thanos begins unlocking The Cube, threatening one warlord with its awesome potential and telling the collected Brotherhood to ready for an impending assault from the Avengers. Shortly thereafter, the heroes are descended upon by a gigantic Badoon warship, interrupting two spaceships' worth of team banter.

Trapping the Avengers' and Guardians' ships in stasis fields, the Badoon open their hangar bay to complete the capture. Iron Man quickly devises a plan but is unable to relay it to the Guardians, fearful as to who else may be listening on his broadcast channel.

As "Iron Man", Thor and the Guardians enter the warship, fighting countless Badoon (including one of their genetically-altered Monsters), the Avengers continue to caution the other team to follow their lead. Momentarily overwhelmed, the Avengers finally play their gambit, revealing the Hulk "Trojan-horsing" in his human Dr. Banner form inside the Iron Man armor until a peak striking moment.

The real Iron Man, Captain America and Hawkeye enter the fray. Determining their course of action, Hawkeye and Stark have a brief exchange. As they are talking, Barton notices a Badoon skulking near a control panel. Wounding the soldier with an arrow through the hand, it also knocks the pained alien backwards into an ominous red button that jettisons all of the hangar bay battle's participants out into the cold vacuum of space.

Elsewhere, Thanos stands on an asteroid, finally unlocking the power of the Cosmic Cube.

Solicit Synopsis

• Thanos is claiming Earth as his own!

• The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up to bring the Mad Titan some cosmically-charged pain!

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