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Appearing in "Zodiac, Part Eight"

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Synopsis for "Zodiac, Part Eight"

The Avengers send Thor out to attack the Cosmic Cube-powered Thanos to little effect. Thanos releases massive waves of energy, apparently meant to erase the heroes from existence, but transporting them to the Cancerverse instead. Iron Man's analysis reveals that the cube Thanos stole is only a Cosmic Cube superficially, and that even Thanos is not aware of its imperfections. It uses a portal to the Cancerverse as its power source, causing Thanos' intended victims to end up there. They soon meet up with the Elders, whom Thanos had banished there earlier, and work together on a plan to stop Thanos.

Thanos arrives over Earth and the world's heroes assemble to do what they can to protect it. Before Thanos can act, the Avengers and Guardians appear from a portal and Thor blasts the Cube with one of the Collector's devices, destroying the Cube and leaving Thanos vulnerable. After defeating Thanos, they hand him over to the Elders as part of their deal. The Elders leave with Thanos as their prisoner, the Avengers plan to confront the General in charge of Project Cosmic, and the Guardians prepare to take off with Iron Man intending to join them.

Elsewhere, the Badoon declare war on the Earth in revenge for the ship they lost.

Solicit Synopsis

Bagley and Bendis’ Final Issue!

• The explosive conclusion to the Avengers’ cosmic odyssey!

• Will the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy be able to stop Thanos from his quest to make Earth the throne world of his new empire?

• The explosive fallout of the storyline will change one of the Avengers’ lives forever as a brand-new Marvel initiative spins out of this bombastic series.

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