Quote1.png To some, it's about trying to find the magic in your life. To others, it's about standing up and facing your fears. To many, it's about staying young at heart no matter how old you get. But everyone's story begins once upon a time...and it's up to us to cherish the time we're given to ensure we live happily ever after. Quote2.png
-- Wanda Maximoff

Appearing in "Once Upon a Time..."

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  • Klaw (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Smee (First appearance){{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Apparent death}}

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Synopsis for "Once Upon a Time..."

Wanda and Pietro are in their room sleeping when a shadow flies into their room. It is being pursued by its owner the Captain and his friend Wasp. In the chase Wasp accidently wakes up the siblings. The Captain introduces himself and volunteers to take them from where he is from, where Time stands still and where there are pirates and Indians. Though Wanda is initially reluctant, she and Pietro agrees to go with him. Using the Wasp's pixie dust, they fly off to Neverland.

When they arrived, the Captain spots the pirate ship of his nemesis, Klaw, and tells the siblings about their story. Unknown to him, Klaw had made a sonic boom cannon in his absence, and while the children were up in the clouds, fired it upon them. The children were sent hurtling away from each other, and Wanda was falling straight down. The Lost Boys noticed her, and mistakenly thinking she was a bird, Hawk fired upon her. The Captain attempted to save her, but Wanda used her magic to divert the arrow away. The Lost Boys adoringly greet her, then gather round with the Captain in order to plan their next search for Pietro. Unfortunately, by this time Pietro had been already captured by Klaw's pirates. The children unwittingly come into a trap set by Klaw, which triggers the sonic cannon that knocks them out. The Captain is knocked out as well, losing his shadow in the process which is then locked up along the captured Wasp.

The children wake up tied to the mast of Jolly Roger surrounded by cannons. Klaw introduces himself to Wanda and begins to taunt the Captain. The Wasp escapes her jar and flies up to Wanda to whisper something to her. Wanda then uses her magic to free herself and Lost Boys. A short fight ensues, and Klaw attempts to escape. The Captain and Wanda pursue and fight him. Disoriented by the sonic cannon he uses, Klaw does not hear the tick-tock sound of his dreaded enemy the Crocodile, who had arrived for the rest of him. The Crocodile smashes the ship up in the process of eating him. The Wasp gives everyone pixie dust in order to escape, but the Captain remains behind to try and rescue his shadow who became stuck in the ice. He tells Wanda to take the Lost Boys with her back, and that one day he'll find her when the time was right.

The event is then revealed to be a story told by the Scarlet Witch to some children in a orphanage. When asked about the ending, she tells them that is up to their imagination, and it's not about the ending, but the meaning.


  • The fairy tale told by Wanda Maximoff recasts several Avengers as the characters from "Peter and Wendy" (more commonly known as "Peter Pan", the title of the original play) by J.M. Barrie.

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