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Quote1.png I have felt your wrath, Frost Giants, now you shall feel mine! FOR ASGARD! Quote2.png


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As snow fell on Asgard, frost giants appeared in the distance, hurling large rocks at the walls of Asgard. One of the giants jumped onto the wall, and smashed down the drawbridge for the other giants to enter, followed by Loki, who was ordering the giants to strike deep into Asgard. The Asgardian warriors came out to battle the giants, and began taking some down, but they are all soon knocked out by the rest of the giants. Meanwhile, at the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall told Thor of the battle, and that with the Odinsleep nearly upon them, their king was weakened. Thor flew into battle, watched by ravens, who delivered the message of Thor’s arrival to Odin. Thor began knocking over the giants, but was smashed by a building wielded by one of the giants. He flew up, calling upon the lightning, “I say thee nay, Thor will not fall by your hand, monster.” However, he was suddenly frozen in ice by Loki. He smashed the ice, but was thrown against a wall by one of the giants. On the ground, separated from his hammer, Thor was being stomped on by the giants, until one picked him up. Thor then summoned mjolnir and smashed the giant’s teeth. Thor then called upon the lightning once more, electrocuting the giants. As the giants fell, Thor was blasted over by magic. Loki had come to welcome his brother.


ThorRick Wasserman
BalderNolan North
SifNika Futterman
HeimdallJB Blanc
OdinClancy Brown
Frost Giant #1JB Blanc
LokiGraham McTavish
Frost Giant #2Fred Tatasciore

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