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Iron Man

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  • Lachtivai Mashamala
  • Blutani Sclanata

Synopsis for 1st story

With Thor on his knees, the Enchantress gloats over the position he is in. Thor demands to know what she's done to the Nine Worlds, but an incensed Amora turns the question around and tells him he should ask himself what he has done. The two of them begin to fight, and the Enchantress sics her demonic minions on him. The Enchantress blasts him, and when Thor then demands she tell him where they are, she says they're where he put them.

Iron Man is surprised by a group of giants, and since he is outnumbered and his armor has no power, he says he'll surrender. However, when he mentions Thor to them, they club him over the head, knocking him out.

Steve Rogers exits the bar in the elf village where he has just defeated the patrons, and is soon attacked by three more Dark Elves outside. He defeats them, but is injured in the shoulder. He tells the onlookers that he just wants to find his way home, when an elf woman leaning against one of the houses tells him that will be difficult. She offers to tend his wound, and after looking into her eyes, he agrees to let her.

Tony is taken by the giants to their lord Fafnir, who is in his old man form at the time. He is uninterested in Tony until he is told he is a friend of Thor's when, angered by the fact that Thor has killed him before, Fafnir transforms into his dragon form.

The elf woman, Mageth, treats Steve's injuries by her fireside, and he tells her she reminds him of his friend Wanda, who he feels he failed. He also tells her he feels history is repeating itself, as he has turned against his 'brothers'. When he wonders why he is unburdening himself like this, Mageth reveals it's because she's empathic. He asks her where they are.

As Thor has asked the Enchantress the same question, she says that to answer that question he will have to ask where Asgard is. In Mageth's home, Steve tells her Asgard is on Earth, much to her surprise. Meanwhile, Fafnir rages at Tony that Asgard should not be on Earth. Mageth tells Steve that it appears the Nine Realms have bled into each other. The Enchantress shouts at Thor that he destroyed the balance of the Nine Realms, but Thor protests his innocence and ignorance of what's happening. Fafnir decides Thor is to blame for what's occurring and elects to start torturing Tony to make Thor suffer, while in Vanaheim Thor tells the Enchantress that he will fix what has gone wrong, and if she won't help she should get out of his way. Mageth finishes treating Steve's wound, and they kiss.

Thor hears a voice saying he should have listened to the Enchantress, and the Enchantress says they cannot leave because they are in "her" world. The speaker is revealed to be Hela, who tells them she has reshaped what remains of the Nine Realms in her own image. Thor tells Hela she won't prevail, and attacks her with Mjolnir and lightning. Steve and Tony each see Thor's lightning in the distance, and Tony tells Fafnir that he should run.

Solicit Synopsis

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor have traveled to a mysterious dimension of the broken Nine Realms and have to fight their way to one another's side or they will never make it back home. This vital chapter will impact the lives of all of the characters and resonate in the pages of Thor for years to come!

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