Quote1.png I fear we are in the bowels of Hel, my friends. I fear we have died. And this is the punishment for all our sins and the sins of our fathers. Quote2.png
-- Thor

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Continued from last issue... Thor confronts Hela, demanding to know what she has done and how she got so much power, but Hela will not tell him, so Thor attacks and battles her undead soldiers, striking Mjolnir on the ground to cause a lightning storm.

Elsewhere, Tony Stark has been stripped of his Iron Man armor and any clothes underneath and strapped to a table by Fafnir and his troll soldiers. When they see the lightning storm, Tony tells them if any of them let him go, he'll tell Thor not to smite them. Fafnir says he is not threatened, and start to squeeze Tony's head between his claws. However, some of Fafnir's soldiers are frightened and attack him, causing him to burn them with his flame breath. Turning back to Tony, he sees another frightened troll has freed Tony, who is gone. Fafnir incinerates the guilty troll. Having stolen a horse, the naked Tony rides away as fast as he can, but soon sees Fafnir flying after him. When Fafnir unleashes his fiery breath, Tony is thrown from the horse and is left to run on foot, desperately trying to avoid Fafnir's flames as they crash through a forest. Just when he is about to be caught, a circular shield flies through the air, hitting Fafnir in the teeth, followed by Steve Rogers, who attacks Fafnir with his sword, overwhelming him until the dragon is unconscious and reverts back to his old man form. Some of the remaining troll soldiers confront them, but when Steve asks who's next, they turn tail and run. Steve tells Tony to put his armor on so they can go and help Thor. After Tony explains that his armor is powerless, the two reconciling friends ride off, heading for where the lightning is.

Thor continues to battle Hela's undead soldiers, but is struck by Hela's sword from behind as the Enchantress looks on. As they draw closer to the battle, Tony and Steve see the sky change. They reach Vanaheim and find Thor unconscious and hurt worse than they've seen him before, and Mjolnir is missing. They realize they have to move him, and Steve says he knows a place.

At Mageth's house, Thor wakes up before Mageth has even started healing him. When she tells him they are in Jotunheim, Thor gets angry and threatens her, before he backs down and apologizes. Thor tells the others it was Hela who attacked him and took his hammer, and that the Enchantress must have told her he was there. Thor says at first he thought Hela was one of the Enchantress' illusions, until he fell to her, but says the last thing he saw before being knocked out was the Enchantress battling Hela herself, saving Thor's life. Asked what he thinks it all means, Thor says he thinks they're in Hel and being punished...

Solicit Synopsis

The team-up you never thought you'd ever see again! Steve Rogers and Tony Stark battle together to save each other and the life of their fallen friend Thor! But will that be enough to heal the divide between these two headstrong heroes? And what is the secret to the nightmare that is destroying the Nine Realms?!

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