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Quote1.png When day breaks, my friends and I will seek out the lady Death to undo whatever we must to make things right. For that, I will need an army. I will need you to gather and join me in battle... All of us. For no one of us could do this alone. Quote2.png

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Continued from last issue... The Enchantress comes to after her clash with Hela in the place she has transported them to, only to see Hela laying unconscious, with Mjolnir and the Twilight Sword laying beside her. The Enchantress first tries to lift Mjolnir, but cannot as she isn't worthy, and then moves to pick up the sword when Hela's eyes snap open. Hela levitates the sword into her hand and attacks Amora, demanding to know why she transported her away from delivering Thor's fate. The two goddesses fight, with Amora getting the worst of it.

Meanwhile, at the Dark Elf village, Steve Rogers and Iron Man absorb Thor's announcement that he thinks they're in Hel. Mageth, however, points out that she is not dead or doomed, so they cannot be in Hel, but Thor says he knows all is not as it should be.

Hela, having beaten the Enchantress, tries to lift Mjolnir, but cannot. Saying she knows of one who might break the enchantment and summons the reanimated body of Thor's late grandfather Bor. Hela tells Bor his bloodline is over, and tells him he must lift the hammer. When Bor tries and fails to lift it, he realizes Hela has lied and that Thor is alive. When he runs at Hela, she banishes him, his body crumbling to dust. Hela then hears a voice telling her that it is not her day, and turns to see the Enchantress, backed up by a demonic horde of minions.

The three Avengers talk around a campfire about the situation they find themselves in, and reminisce about past events. When Tony mentions that he had seen a dragon, Thor asks its name, only to hear the voice of the dragon in question behind him - Fafnir, and his ogre soldiers. Thor demands answers from Fafnir about where they are, and Fafnir breathes fire over him. Steve and Tony attack, Tony blasting Fafnir with a repulsor ray from his recently customized armor. As the Avengers fight Fafnir and his forces, Thor tells them they mustn't fight. Thor flips Fafnir over onto his back and shouts at him that they are all in the same position and should fight on the same side. Fafnir initially refuses, but Thor gives a rousing speech, and wins he and his army over to his side.

Hela meanwhile strides through the Enchantress' minions whom she has slain toward the defeated Enchantress. Hela says she will reinvent the Nine Realms as she wishes them to be, and the Enchantress asks where she has gotten such power. Hela reveals that her sword is the Twilight Sword and strikes the Enchantress with it. The three Avengers see the tumult from afar as Hela exults over the insensate Enchantress...


In this issue, Steve Rogers denies having slept with Patsy Walker, but Thor hints that he has.

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