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  • Vault retrieval vehicle

Synopsis for "Tales from the Vault"

The Wizard arrives at the Vault as a new prisoner along with the rest of the Frightful Four. He is mocked by the Guardsmen, but after being processed and escorted to his cell he finds a mysterious person already inside, offering to break him out in exchange for a favor. Seeing him apparently talking to himself in the cell, a Guardsman returns to find his cell open. He confronts the Wizard but is smacked away by the villain who has somehow retrieved his costume and weaponry. Soon the Wizard has freed many other prisoners and disabled the Vault’s communications as a general jailbreak ensues. A beaten Guardsman manages to repair his helmet radio and get a signal out to notify the Avengers.

Iron Man is the first to arrive; he subdues Orka and manages to get the prison’s power back online. Hawkeye arrives separately and helps evacuate some of the staff; seeing Iron Man, he assumes he’s the one responsible for the jailbreak and attacks him. After a brief standoff they agree to work together, rescuing a large number of defeated Guardsman, defeating the Scarecrow and managing to keep Yetrigar from escaping. To seal the building off, Hawkeye uses an electromagnetic pulse arrow. Unfortunately this has the side effect of paralyzing Iron Man’s suit as well, essentially trapping him inside his armor as they wait for more Avengers to arrive.

Solicit Synopsis

One of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe has a long-standing grudge against the Avengers. This time he's come up with the ultimate plan to destroy them!



Hawkeye makes reference to the Armor Wars, when Tony Stark went out to find & destroy technology stolen from him; during this he attacked the Vault to disable the Guardsman armor.

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