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Quote1.png I look around, and to be honest -- I'm not sure what I see anymore. Feels like we've spent so long at each other's throats -- splintering, fighting amongst ourselves -- letting our differences tear us apart. It's made us weaker -- and weak is what we can't afford to be any longer. The people in this town need us. The world needs us. So I say it's high time we get back to what we were called to do -- fighting evil. Saving lives. Now, I know some of you are still pretty new at this -- but I believe each and every one of you has what it takes -- that you'll know what to do when you hear the call. Avengers -- Assemble! Quote2.png
Commander Steve Rogers

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A STANDOFF tie-in!

• This is it! The explosive finale to the spring’s blockbuster Avengers event!

• Lost heroes return, new threats emerge, and the stage is set for major upheavals all throughout the Marvel Universe!

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