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Quote1.png So... What am I supposed to say to you guys? Some kind of speech, right? Cuz I'm great at those. First off, I guess, we didn't really kill Arcade. We wanted to. We had every right and if you disagree with that, you're and idiot. But there he is back there. Sucking life through broken ribs. Joining the Masters of Evil thing was fake, too. Part of a ridiculous plan that clearly didn't work out so well. We were hoping we could trick the world into remembering us for something other than Murder World. How messed up is that? After all this horrible crap, we still care what you people think of us. People who watched us being tortured like it was a season of "The Voice". Judging us from your recliners even though you couldn't begin to imagine what we went through. We're just a bunch of dumb kids. Why does it shock anyone that we aren't mature enough to deal with being famous for surviving a Death Match? My friends should be spending this summer out on some stupid lake somewhere. Getting sunburnt and dragged behind a boat on one of those giant inner tubes. Most people get to grow all the way up before they have to navigate the politics of an underground super villain megacity. And me, well... I'm no good at being a kid. Sorry, mom, but it's true. I do want you to get better. I just can't be the only reason you do. I can't stick around pretending. The more I think about it, the more I realize I don't belong here at all. So there it is, my very best super hero impression. Even beat up the bad guy and everything. That's all you get. Cammi out. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Going Native - Part Five"

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Synopsis for "Going Native - Part Five"

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• The Avengers & S.H.I.E.L.D. attack as Baron Zemo’s true plan is revealed!

• Which Murder World survivor becomes a Master of Evil?

• Be there as the character journeys that began in AVENGERS ACADEMY & AVENGERS ARENA end here!

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