Quote1.png I'm not supposed to like this kind of thing. I'm a bookworm. A mathlete. I should be channeling my energy into something more productive. Like daddy intended. 'Course, this is the same daddy who paid for all those swim lessons with money made reanimating corpses and selling genocidal terminators. The dad who got half my face blown off---And tried to fix it by turning me into one of his hideous Deathloks. He had a lot of saying, my dad. Life lessons he hoped I'd follow. Until recently, I always did. He'd say things like, "friends are overrated" and "life is for learning." He even told me once that, "goofing off is what boring people do to distract themselves from the fact that they're standing still." Right... It turns out my dad was completely full of crap. Friends are everything. Goofing off can be awesome. Especially if it involves blasting the spit out of people. And learning is great...But life is for living. Quote2.png
-- Death Locket

Appearing in "Going Native - Part One"

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Synopsis for "Going Native - Part One"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• A done-in-one focus on Death Locket: Half-girl, half-cyborg…all assassin!

• What will Death Locket do: blow her cover—and seal her doom—by refusing to shoot Cap…or save her life by killing a Living Legend?

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