Quote1 I've always tried so hard to do the right thing. Even when it smashed my life to pieces. Even when it took my parents away. I tried to be good. But what the hell's the point? Being good keeps turning out wrong. I keep hurting all the people I love. So forget it. Just this once. Just for a while. I'm gonna do the wrong thing. The stupid bad thing. And I'm gonna like it. Quote2
-- Nico Minoru

Appearing in "Going Native - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Going Native - Part Two"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• Runaways fans alert: This issue focuses on Nico…and her newly resurrected evil ex-boyfriend, Alex!

• Oh, and something really bad has happened to fellow Runaway Chase! Why are we so mean?

• Plus: What happened to Cammi? Only Baron Zemo knows…


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