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ThorQuote1 Given his skills with robotics, I wonder... Did we ever face the true Doctor Doom at all?! Quote2
Doctor DoomQuote1 You may never know, Asgardian. You may never know... Quote2

Appearing in "The Death-Trap of Doctor Doom!"

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Synopsis for "The Death-Trap of Doctor Doom!"

  • Synopsis not yet written


Publication Notes[]

  • Month of October on cover and December in indicia. The October cover-date is no doubt an artistically whimsical "gag" keeping with the book's deliberately "retro" overtones; "seamlessly" intersplicing with the original 1963 publication scheduling (i.e., Avengers #1 is cover-dated September, 1963; Avengers #2 November, 1963). December, 1999 is Vol 1 1.5's actual publication date.
  • Contains pinups by Paul Smith, Dick Ayers and Bruce Timm.
  • Includes an Anti-Drug PSA with Spider-Man
  • The Letters page includes is written in the style of the letters pages from the 1960's with letters "written" by Ty Templeton, Kurt Busiek and Burt Kusiek. With a special announcement section with comics that were published around the time of Avengers #1.
  • Includes fake advertisements for Kid Colt Outlaw Vol 1 112.5 and Sgt. Fury Vol 1 3.5.

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