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Appearing in "The Measure of a Man!"

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  • Champion's Limousine
  • Champion's Plane

Synopsis for "The Measure of a Man!"

Angry that the Scarlet Witch and the Vision are forming a romance, Hawkeye attempts to blow off some steam by practicing in the Avengers training room. While in California, a tall man by the name of Imus Champion, late for his flight to New York, literally stops the plane with his bare hands before boarding. Back in New York, Hawkeye explodes into another fit of anger over the Vision and Scarlet Witch's displays of affection and locks himself in his room. Donning his old costume, he goes out to get some fresh air. There, he is confronted by Champion who offers to pay Hawkeye's favorite charity a million dollars if Hawkeye can teach him how to be a master bowman. Accepting the offer, Hawkeye leaves with Champion to his retreat in California which is totally cut off from the outside world.

The Avengers get a letter from Hawkeye that tells them where he's gone, and while Wanda finds it slightly odd, the group accepts it. Meanwhile, Hawkeye trains Champion to be as good an archer as he is. Soon, Champion explains to Hawkeye that if the hero cannot defeat Champion in a duel of archery, he will detonate a bomb on the San Andreas Fault and cause the entire state of California to drop into the sea.

While back in New York, Wanda wakes up suddenly realizing what she thought was strange about Hawkeye's letter: That it was signed "Hawkeye" instead of "Clint". Fearing the worst, the Avengers head out to California to help their friend. Meanwhile, Hawkeye is defeated by Champion and soon finds himself strapped to the very bomb that Champion plans to use to destroy California. The Avengers arrive and fight off Champion's men, and with the help of Hawkeye, manage to stop Champion from detonating the bomb. After the battle is over, Hawkeye tells the Avengers that he is leaving the team.


  • Hawkeye quits the team this issue. One might contrast his leaving with this quote from writer Steve Englehart, "Hawkeye was never real good or real bad or real interesting." from "A Conversation With Steve Englehart", Fantaco Chronicles, Vol 1 4 (1982).
  • As noted on the cover, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) has changed out of the Steve Reeves/carnival outfit he has worn since Avengers #98 into the original purple uniform he had previously worn since his debut in Tales of Suspense #57.
  • Imus Champion is referred to in this story as merely "Champion". His first name "Imus" will be revealed in Avengers / Squadron Supreme '98 #1.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble. Letters are published from Rick Keefe and Ron Kupel
  • As seen on page one this issue is Story#1247-Z.
  • This issue also includes a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.


  • Captain America appears on the cover but is not present in this issue.

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