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Appearing in "...And Now Magneto!"

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Synopsis for "...And Now Magneto!"

An Avengers training session is interrupted when Thor enters the room, informing everyone that there is an important communication that they all must see. Entering the communications room, the Avengers, especially the Scarlet Witch, are delighted to find that it is Quicksilver reporting in after being missing following their battle against the Sentinels. Pietro explains that he was injured in the Sentinel's base, but was rescued by Crystal and Lockjaw, who nursed him back to health in the Great Refuge of the Inhumans.[1] There, Pietro and Crystal fell in love, and they plan to get married. Scarlet Witch congratulates them, and informs Pietro of her budding romance with the Vision, which Pietro reacts to negatively and tells her never to contact him until she comes to her senses.

As the Avengers discuss the loss of Quicksilver in their ranks, the monitor comes on again, and it shows a mansion which they soon learn belongs to Professor Xavier, leader of the X-Men. Xavier appears to be talking to somebody who is responsible for trashing the mansion before the monitor shuts off again. Recognizing Xavier, the Avengers rush to the X-Mansion to see what they can do to save the X-Men. While the Avengers are off to the rescue, Hawkeye is on the west coast and drops in on the home of the Black Widow, where he is told by her aide, Ivan, that she is off with Daredevil. Hawkeye decides to wait in hiding for his old lovers' return.

Back east, the Avengers arrive at the X-Men's mansion and find each member of the mutant team unconscious inside the mansion. After fighting off a boobie-trapped Cerebro, the Avengers carry out the wounded X-Men. There, the very ground attacks them, but they fight this off as well and soon are confronted by a number of prehistoric dinosaurs. Fighting off the dinosaurs, which are being controlled by the Savage Land Mutate known as the Piper, the Avengers are suddenly blindsided by Magneto, who had disguised himself in Angel's costume. Trapping Black Panther, Thor and Vision in a pile of boulders, Magneto captures the remaining Avengers and the X-Men as his prisoners.

The three remaining Avengers burst free and plan to save their friends, no matter the cost. This story is continued in Daredevil #99.


  • Captain America returns to the Avengers this issue. He was absent last issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble!. Letters are published from Jonathon, Tim Avery, Richard Aiken, and Mike Francis.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1313-Z.
  • Marvel Girl is depicted on the cover in an incorrect uniform as she hasn't worn this one since X-Men #5. In this issue, she wears her green minidress, which debuted in X-Men #39.
  • Similarly, Magneto is depicted on the cover wearing his uniform, but in the issue, other than his helmet, he only wears Angel's uniform.

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  • Avengers: West Coast #57 Magneto, in encountering the Avengers again, refers to this issue's Iron Man as a "predecessor."

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