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Cap's right. If I were planning a sneak attack, I'd have you cold!
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Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne)
So fleeting is fame, eh? Don't tell me you've forgotten -- The Swordsman!
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Appearing in ""Night of the Swordsman""

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Synopsis for ""Night of the Swordsman""

As the Scarlet Witch mulls over the fact that her own brother is against her romance with the Vision, she storms out of Avengers Mansion after watching a training session between Vision, Captain America and Iron Man when they refer to Vision as an android. In public, Wanda is gawked at by construction workers and she attacks them in a fury. When they retaliate they are stopped by Mantis who fights them off and brings Wanda back to Avengers Mansion.

There, she is joined by her partner, the Swordsman and both ask for membership in the Avengers. The idea is opposed at first, especially by Captain America given their past clashes with the Swordsman, but the other Avengers vote to give him and Mantis a chance as their ranks are depleted with the departure of Hawkeye and Quicksilver.

After training with the Avengers, Swordsman joins Mantis on the roof of the mansion where she uses her powers to summon the Lion God back to the Mansion, who immediately seeks to destroy the Black Panther once again. Mantis and Swordsman pretend to join forces with the Lion God until the Avengers are defeated, however, Mantis manages to hypnotize the Lion God and command him to walk into a device created by Tony Stark that would shunt him to another dimension.

The Swordsman and Mantis explain that they were aware of Lion God's presence due to the power of empathy that Mantis possesses and tricked the god into believing that they were against the Avengers. The Avengers thank them for their assistance, however, Captain America is not entirely sure that these two recruits don't have ulterior motives in joining the Avengers.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble!. Letters are published from James Farmer, James Wolcake, Judy Kaufman, and Frank Balazs.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1495-Z.
  • In this issue, Mantis joins the team. Writer Steve Englehart later provided this commentary, "Basically Mantis was supposed to be a hooker who would join the Avengers and cause dissension among all the male members by coming onto each of them in turn." from "A Conversation with Steve Englehart", Fantaco Chronicles, , Vol 1 4, (1982).

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