Quote1 Try your cosmic power on me, Sky-Rider! Let's see how you fare against one who can fight back! Quote2
-- Vision

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The Avengers attempt to enter Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum in hopes of learning the fate of the Black Knight. Instead, mystical protections cast them out. The Defenders are busy inside learning about the locations of the Evil Eye fragments, which they have been tricked by Dormammu to find for him. Loki starts to wonder if Dormammu isn't also fooling him. He seeks the help of the Avengers, convincing them that the Defenders are trying to gain unlimited power for a nefarious plan. They set out to stop them. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer searches for a piece of the Evil Eye in an active volcano in French Polynesia. While searching for it, his powers suddenly activate the volcano and cause an explosion that destroys the Scarlet Witch's plane and renders her unconscious. The Vision attacks the Surfer for the perceived attack and their battle reveals the location of the Evil Eye. Vision is forced to abandon the struggle for the piece in order to save the Scarlet Witch and the Surfer takes off with it.

Avengers Vol 1 116 001

Detailed Summary:
Chapter 2: Betrayal!
The Avengers have traveled to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum seeking word with him regarding the Black Knight, however all attempts to get inside have been met with resistance both from Dr. Strange's manservant Wong and the mystical protections cast upon the house.

In the Dark Dimension, Dormammu savors the fact that he has tricked his mortal foe, Dr. Strange, into collecting the fragments of the Evil Eye for him. Loki, being denied the restoration of his vision (for now) by Dormammu, begins to wondered if he also has been fooled.

Meanwhile using the Orb of Agamotto, the Defenders learn the history of the Evil Eye and how it was destroyed by Wyatt Wingfoot. The device exploded into fragments, which where scattered across the planet. They decide to split up and each retrieve a piece of the Evil Eye, all the while being mystically guided by Dr. Strange.

Fearing that he is being double crossed and afraid for the fate of Asgard under an all-powerful Dormammu, Loki decides to seek the aid of the Avengers. Appearing before them at Avengers Mansion, Loki explains to the Avengers that the Defenders are seeking out the fragments of the Evil Eye for sinister ends. He convinces them that every member of the Defenders with unlimited power has a reason to want to harm the Earth and so the Avengers split up into groups to intercept them in their search for the Evil Eye.

Avengers Vol 1 116 011

Chapter 3: The Silver Surfer vs. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch
Seeking a fragment of the Evil Eye, the Silver Surfer arrives on the island of Rurutu in French Polynesia. There he is worshiped by the people as if he were a god. He learns from the people that they offer sacrifice to a volcano god and deduces that that is where the fragment of the Evil Eye must be located.

As the Surfer enters the volcano, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch also arrive on the island. Suddenly, Silver Surfer's powers activate the volcano and cause an explosion. The explosion causes the Scarlet Witch's Quinjet to be blown out of the sky, knocking her unconscious. Thinking the Silver Surfer attacked the Scarlet Witch purposely, the Vision attacks him with a vengeance.

The two battle within the volcano and cause the fragment to be exposed. They both lunge for the device and grab it at the same time. However, the Vision is forced to abandon fighting over the device, in order to save the Scarlet Witch's life from the volcano's oncoming lava flow. The Silver Surfer collects the piece and escapes.


  • Despite the Vision and Scarlet Witch's misfortune in Rurutu this issue, they obviously liked it enough to honeymoon there. [1].


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Number 1568 Z.
  • As it is noted on the first page of this story: "Ten years ago this month, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Mighty Avengers!"
  • John Romita is credited as Art Director for this issue.
  • There is no letters page this issue. In its place is a "Personal Plea from your Blushin' Bullpen." A survey to readers from Stan Lee.

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