Quote1 Well, here I am-- And here is the Eye! The next move is yours, Avenger! Quote2
-- Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

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Brief Summary:
Dormammu discovers that the Avengers are trying to stop the Defenders from getting all the pieces of the Evil Eye. Loki convinces him that he has no idea why they are doing this. The Swordsman and Valkyrie end up in a castle in the jungles of Bolivia, battling over their piece of the Evil Eye. The castle's owner attacks the Swordsman, which allows Valkyrie to escape with the item. Captain America and Namor fight over their piece of the Evil Eye in Japan. Sunfire rushes in to take it from them, but the two heroes team up to retrieve it once Cap realizes that Loki may have been tricking the Avengers all along.

Avengers Vol 1 117 001

Detailed Summary:
Viewing from the Dark Dimension, Loki and Dormammu watch the battle raging between the Avengers and the Defenders over the fragments of the Evil Eye. Dormammu is furious over the Avengers' interference and Loki plays dumb, not wanting Dormammu to learn that it was he who tipped the Avengers off to a version of Dormammu's plot.

The blind Loki once again asks Dormammu to help him regain his sight, but the current skirmishes between the two groups of heroes prove too much of a distraction.

Avengers Vol 1 117 003

Chapter 7: Swordsman vs the Valkyrie
Arriving in Bolivia to seek out the next fragment of the Evil Eye, the Swordsman spots a castle that has been built in the middle of the jungle. Before he can investigate further he is attacked by Valkyrie and is forced to make an emergency landing of his Quinjet. She disappears as quickly as she came, so Swordsman heads to the castle.

Upon arriving, he meets the castle's owner and warns him that he might have an unwelcome visitor within its walls. The owner doubts that this is true, but as they walk through the castle they hears noises within. Rushing to the treasure room, Swordsman finds Val and the two end up battling. During the scuffle, they find the piece of the Evil Eye which the Swordsman is able to secure.

The castle's owner, however, shoots him from behind before he can leave with the item. He doesn't want anyone to know about the vast Nazi treasures that are kept inside these walls. As the Swordsman passes out, he stabs him with his sword in revenge.

Valkyrie makes sure the Swordsman's wounds are not life-threatening and then takes the Evil Eye fragment. She leaves just as the local authorities arrive on the scene.

Avengers Vol 1 117 011

Chapter 8: Captain America vs. Sub-Mariner
Arriving in Japan to collect his fragment of the Evil Eye, Captain America finds that he's not very welcome in this country. He also quickly finds out that the Sub-Mariner has already beaten him to finding the fragment. The two end up fighting over who is more worthy to possess it.

During the battle, they attract the attention of the Japanese mutant super-hero known as Sunfire who takes the fragment from them. Namor attempts to follow him, but is stopped by Captain America. Cap swears that he'll never let the Defenders succeed in taking over the universe. Namor corrects Cap, by revealing to him that they need the Evil Eye to save the Black Knight's life. Confused by this revelation, Namor is able to free himself from Cap and pursue Sunfire.

The Sub-Mariner catches up with Sunfire and knocks the Evil Eye fragment out of his hands. It is caught by Captain America who makes a truce with Namor and the two leave together with their fragment of the Evil Eye.


  • The injury Swordsman sustains in this issue becomes infected in Avengers #120. He finally recovers in #125.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Number 1642 Z.
  • Frank McLaughlin is uncredited for inking pages 11 to 19.
  • Gaspar Saladino is uncredited for lettering pages 1 and 3.
  • This issue features a letters page, Avengers Assemble! Letters are published from Brian E. Cook, K.J. Robbins, and Ms. S. Otis.

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