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Quote1.png Nick Fury ain't watchin' the end o' the world in bed, mister! Sick or well, I'm a fighter! Quote2.png
Nick Fury

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Synopsis for "To the Death!"

With the Evil Eye in his possession, Dormammu begins to merge his Dark Dimension with the Earth-616 universe. The Avengers and Defenders enter the Dark Dimension to find and stop Dormammu, while Earth's other heroes stay to fight off the demons that are starting to overcome the world. They attack Dormammu, but the Defenders are quickly knocked unconscious by his power. He traps the Avengers, but is ambushed by Loki. While distracted, the Scarlet Witch blasts the two with her hex powers. This causes the Evil Eye to suck Dormammu into it and to drive Loki insane. With the villains defeated, the demons leave the Earth and the universe is saved.

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Full Synopsis:
With the Evil Eye in Dormammu's possession, the Dark Dimension begins to merge with the Earth-616 universe. This causes the landscape and buildings to deform and people to turn into demons. The Avengers and Defenders quickly jump into action, fighting off the attacking demons. Doctor Strange realizes that they need to enter the Dark Dimension and take the fight to Dormammu himself. However, Captain America cautions that if they all leave, then many people on Earth would perish.

Before a decision can be made, they are joined by Nick Fury and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury's team agrees to stay on Earth to fight the demons, while the others continue into the Dark Dimension. As soon as they leave, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. start to turn into demons and Fury realizes that the only path to victory is through the two superhero teams stopping Dormammu.

Deep in the Dark Dimension, Dormammu unleashed the full fury of the reassembled Evil Eye. He watches the heroes enter his dominion and once again Loki demands that he restores his sight. Instead he imprisons Loki, accusing him of plotting against him, and is subsequently surprised by the appearance of the Watcher. Uatu assures him that he poses no threat and is only there to observe the merging of the two dimensions.

Meanwhile, the Avenges and Defenders fight through an army of Mindless Ones as they progress deeper into the Dark Dimension. While in Earth-616, superpowered individuals throughout the world fend off the continuing invasion from the Dark Dimension.

The Avengers and Defenders manage to finally reach Dormammu, but the Defenders are quickly rendered unconscious by his power. The Avengers charge at him, but are easily entrapped. While Dormammu is distracted by the heroes, Loki uses it as an opportunity to strike at Dormammu from behind. The two struggle and the Scarlet Witch is able to strike Dormammu with a hex bolt, which causes his essence to be sucked into the Evil Eye. The beam from the Evil Eye then rains on Loki restoring his vision, however, it also drives him mad. Uatu explains that this latter effect is the result of Loki's mind absorbing the full force of Dormammu's mystic energy, which no mind from their dimension, not even that of an immortal Asgardian, can properly process.

With the villains defeated, the merging of Earth-616 and the Dark Dimension ceases and earth's inhabitants are restored to normal. The Defenders leave with the Evil Eye in hopes that it may hold the key to freeing the Black Knight, while the Avengers depart with the mind-ravaged Loki left in their care.


  • In this issue Gorgon calls Triton, "Karnak". Since the members of the House of Agon know each other well, perhaps it was sarcasm. Triton tried to tell Gorgon when to strike, but only Karnak would truly know the right time to do so.


  • Gaspar Saladino is uncredited for lettering page 1.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble!. Letters are published from Bob Rodi and Ralph Macchio.
  • Comic book professional Ralph Macchio has a letter printed in this issue.

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