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The Collector

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Synopsis for ""Night of the Collector""

Returning home with an enfeebled Loki as their prisoner following their adventure with the Defenders, the Avengers are suddenly attacked by the mansion's defense systems. After they are shut down the Avengers begin trying to figure out what to do with Loki. During the downtime, Black Panther and Mantis have time to bond, when suddenly Mantis goes into a trance warning the Avengers of trouble in Rutland, Vermont.

Traveling to Rutland, they find that it's Halloween and their annual All Hallows Eve party is occurring. Upon arriving on the scene they are met by Tom Fagan, the party organizer who thinks the Avengers are part of a parade, the Avengers warn him of danger and agree to be in the parade to stake out the area. However, it turns out that Fagan is really the Collector in disguise who captures Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Black Panther for his collection.

Mantis and the Swordsman find the real Tom Fagan who is tied up, freeing him and learning about the Collectors' presence, they (along with Scarlet Witch and Vision) form a plan to rescue their friends. While Tom distracts the Collector with an army of party-goers, the Avengers manage to free their comrades in the confusion. After a battle against the Collector which the Avengers win, they decide to leave Loki under the care of Tom and the people of Rutland.


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