Quote1.png I'll come right to the point. I received a cybernetic alarm from a frightened group of ants! Quote2.png
-- Giant-Man

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Synopsis for "This Hostage Earth!"

Giant-Man believes something dangerous is happening beneath the earth, but none of the other Avengers believe him, so he heads underground himself to investigate. Shortly after, he is captured by Mole Man. More damage occurs and the Avengers discover Giant-Man was correct, so they invade Mole Man's underground base.

Meanwhile, the Red Ghost approaches the Mole Man and they make an alliance. The Wasp frees Giant-Man, and the team stops the Mole Man and Red Ghost's plans.


  • Since the events of Tales of Suspense #61 occurred prior to Avengers #11, it stands to reason that all the heroes solo titles for this month all occur prior to the events of Avengers #11.
  • Mole Man was last seen in Fantastic Four #31.
  • Giant Man references the Fantastic Four's battle with the Mole Man in Fantastic Four #22, where the Mole Man plotted to sink major cities into the center of the Earth and get revenge on the Fantastic Four following his original defeat at their hands back in Fantastic Four #1.
  • Thor mentions Mole Man's apparent demise at the hand of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four E31. In that issue, the Avengers attempted to intervene in the Fantastic Four's attempt to stop him in this issue.
  • The image projector the Wasp uses to try and find Giant Man in this issue was last used in Avengers #3 when Iron Man was searching for the Hulk.
  • The Red Ghost, who makes his appearance later in this issue, was last seen in Fantastic Four #29. He debuted in Fantastic Four #13 where he and his super-apes battled the Fantastic Four on the moon.
  • Thor is next seen in Journey Into Mystery #113, where he attempts to reveal his identity as Don Blake to Jane Foster and battles the Grey Gargoyle.
  • Iron Man is next seen battling the Mandarin (again) in Tales of Suspense #62.
  • Captain America is next seen also in Tales of Suspense 62, preventing a jail break.
  • Giant Man and Wasp are next seen in Tales to Astonish #64 where they battle Attuma.
  • The Mole Man and Red Ghost are next seen in Fantastic Four Annual 3 where they are manipulated by Dr. Doom to crash Reed Richards and Sue Storm's wedding.


  • This issue includes a letter in the letters column from a 16-year-old George R. R. Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones book series.

16-year-old George R. R. Martin's letter in Avengers Vol. 1 #12

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