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Appearing in ""All the Sounds and Sights of Death!""

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Synopsis for ""All the Sounds and Sights of Death!""

As tensions between the romances of Swordsman, Mantis, Scarlet Witch and Vision continue to grow due to each person's troubles (Mantis' attraction to Vision, Swordsman's feeling of unworthiness to Mantis, Vision's confusion over who he truly loves, and Scarlet Witch's jealousy of Mantis) The Black Panther also begins to wonder how much more time he must spend away from his home nation when he is visited by the racist ambassador of Rudyarda, Ronald Pershing.

Pershing has come to ask for the Avengers' help in a matter of urgency. However, this turns out to be a trap perpetrated by Klaw and Solarr who manage to trap Pershing, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman, and Mantis in a sound dome and are threatened of being incinerated by Solarr unless the rest of the Avengers meet their demands.

Thor, Captain America, & Iron Man then work to try and find the location of Klaw in order to free their comrades, but instead end up fighting a series of sound creatures created by Klaw. Eventually, it's discovered that Pershing is really Klaw in disguise, and the two criminals are swiftly defeated.



  • Artist Dave Cockrum drew himself as a shocked bystander on page 15 of this issue.

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