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Quote1.png Ah, you recognize me, do you, android? You realize, finally, in whose plot you have become enmeshed! Of course, you cannot answer, but the chilling gleam of your eyes gives an equally emphatic response! Still, how could you ever forget him who twice stole your mind the way I've stolen these others' today-- Him who, before that, first called you to life? How could you ever forget-- Ultron-7! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Bride and Doom!"

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Synopsis for "Bride and Doom!"

While sitting down to supper at Avengers Mansion, the Avengers are startled by the arrival of Gorgon of the Inhumans, who has come to take them to the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal, and is infuriated with the speedster mutant when he realizes that the Avengers were not made aware of the wedding. However, the Avengers do drop everything to attend the wedding.

While the Avengers, Fantastic Four and Inhumans prepare to celebrate the upcoming wedding, Maximus and an unknown benefactor are plotting to crash the wedding and attack everyone involved by stirring up dissent among the Alpha Primitives.

Before the wedding can begin, the Alphas attack the Inhumans, and Crystal is captured by what appears to be a revived Omega. However, it is soon revealed that it is not Omega, but a resurrected Ultron, who has come to get revenge against the Avengers. This story is continued in Fantastic Four Vol 1 150...


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