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Iron Man

Appearing in "The Reality Problem!"

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Synopsis for "The Reality Problem!"

Following the events of Giant Size Avengers Vol 1 2 the Avengers have taken the body of the Swordsman and brought it to Viet Nam to be buried in the ruins of the Priests of Pama. There the group runs into three of their old foes: Radioactive Man, Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo, who have been brought together by the Vietnamese government to form a supergroup called the Titanic Three. Battling the three villains, Iron Man and Thor come to blows over the politics of the Titanic Three's status as a hero group. However, the two groups eventually agreed to leave each other alone unless the Avengers cause more trouble.

A costumed crook named the Slasher gets wind of this and uses tensions and his own diamond theft to trick the Titanic Three into attacking the Avengers once more. The two groups clash until it becomes apparent that Slasher was the real jewel thief, and the Titanic Three leaves his fate to the Avengers before departing.


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