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Synopsis for "Kang War II"

Continued from the last issue, the Avengers have been plucked from Vietnam to the realm of Limbo by Kang who is using the newly formed Legion of the Unliving to get the Celestial Madonna (Mantis) and kill the rest of the Avengers. The first bout is between Thor and Frankenstein's Monster, in which Thor learns that the monster is not in Kang's control at all.

Back on Earth, the spectral image of the Swordsman confronts the mysterious robed figure that has been following the Avengers since they arrived there. While in Limbo, the other members of the Legion corner Vision and attack. However, Vision manages to escape thanks to his phasing power, however, the Ghost -- who can also become intangible -- follows after him.

While Mantis fights alone against Midnight, Iron Man and Hawkeye manage to find each other in the winding maze. They are soon confronted by the Legion as well, and Iron Man is killed by the Human Torch while Hawkeye flees to try and find the others. The Ghost manages to catch up to Vision and the two end up battling each other until the Ghost uses his phasing powers to mortally wound Vision, leaving his dying body for Mantis to be found. This story is continued in Giant-Size Avengers #3.



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