Quote1 A new world has opened for me, and I am aware of much more than your cloistered intellect could hope to know! Quote2
-- Scarlet Witch

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  • Moondragon's Starship

Synopsis for "Times That Bind"

Continuing from last issue... Mantis, Thor, Iron Man and Hawkeye continue to learn the early history of the Kree and Cotati races. How the Cotati survived the genocide created by the Kree, and that a pacifist sect of the Kree called the Priests of Pama were formed and would eventually care for the now immobile Cotati.

Elsewhere the Vision continues to see the history of the Human Torch, how a nuclear bomb explosion soon was bringing the Torch's life to an end, and so after one last mission with his partner Toro, went out to the desert where his flame finally burned out of control and his body was lost.

Back on Earth, Moondragon has arrived at Avengers Mansion, answering the Avengers summons of Captain Marvel, upon her arrival she learns that the other Avengers were last seen in Viet Nam, when trying to get the Scarlet Witch to help, the Witch instead attacks Moon Dragon to a standstill before returning to her room to study magic further.

Back in time, Vision sees recent history where the Mad Thinker came across the body of the Human Torch and repaired it and used it as a weapon against his foes the Fantastic Four, putting the android Human Torch up against his successor, the young Johnny Storm. A battle that eventually saw the defeat of the Mad Thinker and the Human Torch android, which was left behind in the Thinkers lab and presumed dead.

While the other Avengers learn of the Priests exile from Hala, and their discovery of the creature known as Star Stalker, and how they used their knowledge on how to defeat the Stalker to appeal to the Supreme Intelligence to allow them to travel the universe and setup on planets likely to be targets of the Star Stalker, using the time back on Hala to collect the Cotati of Hala and transplant them on different worlds.

After this final revelation is made the Avengers are returned to Viet Nam where they are informed by Libra and the spectre of Swordsman that the coming of the Celestial Madonna is neigh.


  • Courtesy of Immortus' Synchro-Staffs, this issue is mostly told as a Flashback tale. As revealed in Avengers: Forever #8, the "synchro-staffs" employed in this issue are in actuality shape-shifting Space Phantoms in disguise.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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