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Quote1 A new world has opened for me, and I am aware of much more than your cloistered intellect could hope to know! Quote2
Scarlet Witch

Appearing in ""Times That Bind""

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Synopsis for ""Times That Bind""

Continuing from last issue... Mantis, Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye continue to learn the early history of the Kree and Cotati races. They witness how the Cotati survived the genocide created by the Kree and how a pacifist sect of the Kree called the Priests of Pama were formed and would eventually care for the now immobile Cotati.

Elsewhere, the Vision continues to see the history of the original Human Torch. Eventually, a nuclear bomb explosion gives the Torch a death sentence and so, after one last mission with his partner Toro, he ventures out to a desert where his flame finally burns out of control consuming his android body.

Back on Earth, Moondragon has arrived at Avengers Mansion, answering a call for help from Captain Marvel. Upon her arrival, she learns that the other Avengers were last seen in Vietnam. She tries to enlist the Scarlet Witch's help to find them, however the Witch instead battles her to a standstill, before returning to her room to continue her magical studies.

Back in the past, Vision sees the Mad Thinker's recent discovery of the original Human Torch's body. The villain is able to repair it and uses it as a weapon against his foes the Fantastic Four, putting the android Human Torch up against his successor, the young Johnny Storm. The battle sees the defeat of the Mad Thinker and the Human Torch android, which is left behind in the Thinker's lab and presumed dead.

The other Avengers learn of the Priests' exile from Hala, their discovery of the creature known as Star Stalker, and how they used their knowledge of how to defeat the Stalker to appeal to the Kree Supreme Intelligence. The Priests are allowed to travel the universe and create colonies on planets likely to be targeted by the Star Stalker. The priests collect the Cotati of Hala and transplant them to the different worlds.

After this final revelation is made the Avengers are returned to Vietnam where they are informed by Libra and the specter of Swordsman that the coming of the Celestial Madonna is nearly at hand.


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