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Quote1 Married! Married! Mantis I was expectin'-- though an intelligent tree for a groom came outta left field-- But Wanda and the Vision took me completely by surprise! That synthezoid's sly, boy! Quote2

Appearing in ""We Do Seek Out New Avengers!""

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Synopsis for ""We Do Seek Out New Avengers!""

With the death of the Swordsman, loss of Mantis from their ranks and the Vision and Scarlet Witch on a honeymoon to Rurutu, the Avengers place an open call asking for potential superheroes to join the Avengers, and that they will be at Shea Stadium seeking out recruits. Proposing to past members, the Avengers get full declines from everyone except for Yellowjacket and the Wasp. The Avengers also extend an invitation for membership to Moondragon who accepts the offer. A frustrated Hawkeye seeks to recruit the Black Knight into the Avengers ranks and seeks to use the time machine at the Avengers disposal in order to seek out the Knight.

Meanwhile, the Avengers wait for the recruits to show up at Shea Stadium and they are met by the Beast who offers to join the group as well. Their testing of the Beasts abilities is interrupted when they are attacked by the "Stranger" and a number of his alien machines, who has come seeking the location of the Scarlet Witch. During the fight, the Wasp is seriously injured, and the "Stranger" flees leaving the Avengers to rush the injured Wasp to a hospital...


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