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Synopsis for "Prescription: Violence!"

The Avengers check on a still recovering Wasp following their battle against the Toad. Worried about Hawkeyes' absence, Iron Man and Moondragon travel out to the castle that once belonged to Dr. Doom to see what went wrong with Hawkeye's attempt at using the time machine there to find the Black Knight.

While back in New York, Yellowjacket and Wasp's old foe Whirlwind makes an attempt on Wasp's life, but is caught by Yellowjacket who takes his fight against Whirlwind to the streets of New York. Yellowjacket is able to defeat Whirlwind with the help of the Beast.


  • Whirlwind, under the guise of Charles Matthews, the chauffeur for the Wasp and Yellowjacket for several years now. Pym discovers the ruse because he noticed that Whirlwind ran away from a weapon that Pym was about to use, and only a select few people knew what that weapon was capable of; their chauffeur being one of them.
  • Beast's quote comes from a Superman comic strip from the newspapers.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Avengers Assemble". Letters are published from Dennis Mullaney, Ann Nichols, and Peter Sanderson.
  • In her letter, Ann Nichols asked why the primitive Kree in Avengers #133 were pink-skinned when the blue-skinned Zarek had claimed in Captain Marvel #16 to be "a Blue Kree! One of the original Kree." The editorial reply was, "Simple, Ann. The colorist blew it - two issues running. Of course, the Kree should have been blue, as later CAPTAIN MARVELS have shown."

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