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Synopsis for "A Journey to the Center of the Ant"

Following his battle against Whirlwind and the Toad, Yellowjacket has found that he has taxed his powers too much and has passed out and is unable to stop growing. While Vision and the Scarlet Witch return from their honeymoon, Beast travels to his old place of employment, the Brand Corporation to steal a formula that could save Yellowjacket's life.

Beast gives the formula to the Vision, and the android uses his phasing powers to travel inside the still-growing Avenger and administer it directly to the bloodstream. With Yellowjacket cured, he returns to normal and regains consciousness just in time to hear from the doctors that the Wasp has to awaken from her coma.


  • Henry Pym entered the Vision's body to assist him in Avengers Vol 1 93. The Vision returns the favor this issue.
  • This is the last issue as the regular artist on this title for George Tuska. He is replaced by relative newcomer George Pérez who begins his iconic first tenure next issue. This information is given in this month's letters page.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Avengers Assemble". Letters are published from Ronald L. Hayes, Mike Neilsen, Bruce Canwell, Marvin Rosenberg, and Nan Brower.

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