Quote1 You can rest easier now Bucky,--wherever you may be! Your death--has been --avenged! Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Now, By My Hand, Shall Die a Villain!"

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Synopsis for "Now, By My Hand, Shall Die a Villain!"

Zemo decides again to attack the Avengers, and so his agents kidnap Rick Jones. Zemo also contacts the Executioner and the Enchantress and they set free the Black Knight and the Melter. The four villains attack the Avengers while Captain America sets off to the Amazon to rescue Rick. The Avengers and villains in New York fight to a stand still. In the Amazon, Captain America rescues Rick but is then ambushed by Zemo. Captain America is too skilled however, and Zemo accidentally triggers an avalanche which lands on and kills him.


  • Credits:
    • Special Location: Giant-Man's Hand
    • Proudly Produced by the Most Heralded Names of Comicdom:
    • Script: Stan Lee
    • Layouts: Jack Kirby
    • Pencilling: Don Heck
    • Inking: Mickey Demeo
    • Lettering: Artie Simek

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