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Synopsis for "The Private War of Doctor Doom!"

Continued from last issue.... Freed from his imprisonment and Attuma's control, the Vision is caught by Dr. Doom. However, the Vision convinces Doom to allow the Avengers free so that they might work to stop Attuma, whose bid for world domination would affect Doom's own country of Latveria in the process. As Vision joins Doom in freeing his others, he broods over if his feelings towards Wanda are truly his or that of Simon Williams (aka Wonder Man) whose brain patterns were the template of his personality.

While on a hydro platform out at sea, Wonder Man, the Whizzer, and Sub-Mariner revive from their battle against Attuma and go after him in another sub, heading for Atlantis. Already there is the Beast, who snuck aboard Attuma's vessel and is planning to stop the villain from using the cell stimulator device in his bid to take over the world. Meanwhile, the other Avengers are freed of their control collars and they accompany Dr. Doom to stop Attuma as well. The Beast is spotted by one of Attuma's guards and is easily defeated and brought to Attuma.

The Sub-Mariner and Wonder Man dive down to Atlantis to stop Attuma but are attacked by Tyrak, they too are easily defeated and Tyrak takes them back to Attuma. When the other Avengers and Dr. Doom arrive, they battle Attuma and a cell stimulator-enhanced Tyrak. The Avengers easily defeat Tyrak and with Doom's aid reclaim the cell stimulator.

When Attuma attempts to stop the Avengers from escaping he is beaten by the revived Sub-Mariner. Returning to Hydrobase, Doom intends to make off with the cell stimulator, getting him into a battle with the Avengers. Doom's plot is foiled when the Vision uses his powers to destroy the device, forcing Dr. Doom to flee. With the other Avengers ready to go, Captain America decides to part company, because he saw something he wanted to investigate.[1]


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  1. His adventure is continued in Super-Villain Team-Up #10.
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