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Synopsis for "A Ghost of Stone!"

Iron Man, Yellowjacket, and the Beast are alone in the control room of Avengers Mansion when suddenly the wall is smashed through by the stone statue of the Black Knight. The three heroes are easily subdued before they learn who their attacker is. Speaking to the defeated foes, the statue of the Black Knight explains that after months of being inert in the basement of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum a strange being reanimated him and since then he has gone on a mission to get revenge on those he believes responsible for his current condition: The Avengers.

Going to the upper level of the mansion, it finds and defeats both Captain America and Wasp in battle. After the fight, it has a sudden recollection following the last encounter between the Avengers and the Defenders wherein the Black Knight was turned into stone, in that the group deduced that they were tricked into fighting each other by Loki the god of mischief. The Black Knight statue would soon consider the idea that the Avengers had abandoned him.

Elsewhere, the Scarlet Witch is out with Wonder Man doing some Christmas shopping, during their walk back to Avengers Mansion, Wonder Man jumps into action to prevent an out of control bus from crashing and causing casualties. They arrive at the Mansion to find a ravaged Jarvis who warns them of the Black Knight statue that is on a rampage. It easily defeats both Wanda and Simon in battle.

The Vision then shows up and proves to be a more difficult match to face, in that the Black Knight statue cannot hurt him due to the fact of the Vision's density powers. It forces the statute to remember the events wherein Dane Whitman sacrificed himself being turned into stone to save the Defenders from being trapped in the past, and that his soul had left its body and now currently inhabits the body of his 12th Century ancestor. Unable to accept this, the furious statue attempts to attack the Vision once more. However, since the Vision had converted his body into the density of diamonds, the statue only succeeds in destroying itself, ending its threat.


  • Dane Whitman's stone body was last seen in Defenders #11. It is reconstructed by Dr. Strange in Dr. Strange #35.
  • By undisclosed means, Ultron was capable of creating a portal in time and space and animating the adversarial Black Knight "statue". Although only ever referred to in this issue as a mysterious "metal hand", the greater arm's design is undeniably recognizable as his. It could be further speculated that the technology used is that of Immortus, obtained by the restored robot via his occasional ally, Grim Reaper. The Reaper could possibly have retained such devices through his own former partnering with the time lord's lackey, the Space Phantom circa Avengers #102. This is an entirely plausible scenario given that both Ultron-8 and Grim Reaper will both press their own individual campaigns against the Avengers shortly after this issue (Avengers #160 and Avengers #161, respectively)[1].

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