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Quote1.png It has to be this way! The ranks of the Avengers will always need replenishing! The old must ever give way to the new! Quote2.png
Iron Man

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Synopsis for "The Old Order Changeth!"

The battle from the previous issue continues, but the Avengers are hindered as there are too many civilians nearby for them to let loose. Thor creates a dimensional space warp, which transports the Melter, the Black Knight and themselves to another dimension. The Executioner and the Enchantress manage to escape since, as Asgardians themselves, they knew what Thor was attempting. The Melter and Black Knight are easily captured in the other dimension.

Meanwhile, Captain America and Rick Jones bury Zemo and escape his troops. They make their way through the rainforest to reach an airport.

When the Avengers hold their next meeting, Thor is MIA as he's gone to Asgard. Wasp remarks that she needs a break from the constant danger of Avengers' missions. Giant-Man and Iron-Man consider disbanding the team.

Just then, an intruder breaks into the mansion and ties up their butler. The intruder is Iron-Man's foe Hawkeye, who applies for membership. He relates how he and the Black Widow were duped into working for Soviet spies, but now he wishes to repent by fighting alongside the Avengers. He demonstrates his archery prowess by freeing the butler from his bonds with a trick shot.

Iron Man, Giant-Man, the Wasp and Hawkeye hold a press conference in which they announce they are looking for new members. Afterwards, they journey by sub to Atlantis and ask the Sub-Mariner to join, but he refuses. In Switzerland, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver learn the the Avengers are recruiting new members. They write a letter to apply. After traveling by cruise ship to the U.S., Tony Stark picks up the mutant siblings. Quicksilver demonstrates his speed by beating Stark's car to the mansion on foot. He even stops to allow the car to catch up to him.

Captain America and Rick return just as Wanda and Pietro are being inducted. He is devastated to hear that Iron Man, Giant-Man and the Wasp have all decided to take a leave of absence. Cap will be the full-time leader of the new team. Iron-Man's last piece of advice to Cap is that the new team ought to track down the Hulk and convince him to rejoin the team as they could use his sheer strength.

Iron-Man, Giant-Man and the Wasp all depart in their separate ways. The new Avengers team of Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch reveal themselves to the public, while the world, including many villains, wonder if the Avengers will become a weaker or stronger force.



  • Hawkeye is very respectful to his team-mates in this issue. He will transform into a brash malcontent beginning next issue.
  • This cover is homaged in Mighty Avengers Vol 1 13. The heroes and villains on the cover are all portrayed as Skrulls for Marvel's "Secret Invasion" storyline.
  • This issue begins a tradition of the Avengers line-up being drastically revamped periodically (usually with a story titled with some variation on the phrase "the old order changeth." It will also begin a long tradition of reformed supervillains being inducted as members. Future adversaries-turned-Avengers will include the Swordsman, the Black Widow, the Vision, Moondragon, Wonder Man, Jocasta, Sub-Mariner, Sandman, and Firestar among others.

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