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-- Wonder Man

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Synopsis for "Hammer of Vengeance!"

When they temporarily increased the powers of his costumed henchmen, Nefaria's scientists analyzed their abilities and have now endowed Nefaria himself with similar powers, increased one hundredfold. The count is now mighty enough to challenge the assembled Avengers single-handedly, his incalculable strength, speed, invulnerability, and blazing eye-beams enabling him to overpower even Wonder Man. He concludes the battle by toppling a forty-story building on the heroes. When the aged Whizzer confronts him with the fact that his power is meaningless because he will still age and die like other men, Nefaria is taken aback and flies off. Moments later, Iron Man arrives and is amazed to find that his teammates have survived beneath the rubble. Before he can lead them in a counter-attack. Nefaria returns, seeking Thor, and the battle begins anew. Count Nefaria is again on the verge of victory when suddenly, Thor arrives to join the fight.


  • Wonder Man's costume, just given to him in Avengers #161 is destroyed. He will go without a costume for years donning a safari jacket and his trademark sunglasses.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Avengers Assemble". Letters are published from R.J.J. Bedard, David Donavan and Barb Garcia.

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