Quote1 This is high enough! The time is right! Now I have but to increase my mass and density to the ultimate -- render my body hard as the purest diamond -- and fall! Quote2
-- Vision

Appearing in "Day of the Godslayer!"

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  • Rolls Royce

Synopsis for "Day of the Godslayer!"

Thor and Count Nefaria face each other in single combat. The Count covets Thor's hammer, thinking it the source of his immortality, but when he momentarily downs his foe, the Vision intervenes in the struggle. After Prof. Kenneth Sturdy and his colleagues had given Nefaria his superhuman powers Nefaria had smashed their lab and believed he had killed them. Now, however, the badly injured Sturdy appears and reveals that a side effect of his process has greatly accelerated Nefaria's aging. At this, Nefaria goes berserk and resolves to destroy the city before he dies. The Avengers pummel the Count, but he refuses to fall, until the Vision, his density increased to the ultimate, drops on him from a mile overhead, rendering him unconscious. Ironically, the heroes then learn that Sturdy had lied about Nefaria's rapid aging.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Avengers Assemble". Letters are published from Scott Hardin, Ed Via, Ann Nicols, and Robert J. Roberts.
  • This issue contains a Hostess Cup Cakes advert featuring Spider-Man Vs. Legal Eagle.

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