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Black Panther

Appearing in "If We Should Fail -- The World Dies Tonight"

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Synopsis for "If We Should Fail -- The World Dies Tonight"

Jason Beere, an industrialist competitor of Tony Stark wearing an armored costume, invades Avengers Mansion and challenges Iron Man, Captain America, and the Black Panther. Quickly defeated, Beere proves to be dying and has planted four bombs set to explode when his heart stops beating, thus ending all life on Earth with his own death.

Captain America secures the first bomb from a Peruvian temple, the Black Panther defeats a polar bear in the Arctic to retrieve the second, and Iron Man invades Moscow to locate the third. The final device, however, is attached to Beere's heart and cannot be safely removed, so Beere is placed in cryogenic suspension to keep both himself and the world alive.


  • This is a fill-in issue that interrupts the story of the Avengers epic battle with Korvac.
  • This issue contains five chapters:
    • Chapter I - If We Should Fail.. The World Dies Tonight
    • Chapter II - The Temple of Winged Death!
    • Chapter III - Black Prowler... White Death!
    • Chapter IV - Madness Over Moscow!
    • Chapter V - A Fateful Decision!
  • This issue also contains an advertisement for Hostess Cupcakes featuring Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson battling some gem thieves.
  • It is mentioned that the ex-wife of Jason Beere abandons her husband with their children and their identities are revealed in Avengers: Roll Call Vol 1 1 in Jason Beere's entry.

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