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Synopsis for "The Destiny Hunt!"

Starhawk arrives and Iron Man recounts the team’s recent adventures to him. While the alien from the future still believes Korvac is the greater menace (no longer aware that “the Enemy” is Korvac), he agrees to aid the Avengers in their search.

Moondragon meditates and thinks she has a piece of the puzzle. On her way to discuss it with Iron-Man, she encounters Quicksilver arguing with Hawkeye about the propriety of the Vision's marriage to Wanda. Moondragon alters Quicksilver's thought patterns and demands that Hawkeye thank her. Hawkeye is about to object when Pietro states he wasn’t harmed, but instead was given… insight.

Moondragon then consults with Iron-Man. She telepathically summons a group of the Avengers, much to Iron-Man’s chagrin as he feels she is preemptively taking charge. Meanwhile, other Avengers and allies -- including Yellowjacket and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Jocasta -- pick up trace clues of a recent cosmic disturbance. (All of these clues relate to the recent confrontation between Starhawk and Korvac / Michael in Avengers Vol 1 168.) They all receive Moondragon’s summons and return to the mansion.

Starhawk is the only member of the group to not pick up any traces, which baffles Iron-Man. Nevertheless, Iron Man feeds the clues into a computer and determines that the disturbances were centered around... Forest Hills??

Unable to use Quinjets, Iron-Man is forced to commandeer a city bus and drive the entire team out to suburban Queens. They arrive, much to the surprise of the neighborhood residents, and knock on the door of an unassuming ranch house. Michael answers the door and allows the Avengers in. He and Carina appear baffled and confused by this visit. Silently, Starhawk puzzles as to why Iron-Man seems to be addressing a blank space (since Michael had previously made himself invisible to Starhawk’s senses, the Guardian of the Galaxy cannot see or hear him.) Despite the trail leading to the house, none of the cosmic-powered Avengers can detect their quarry’s presence.

Humiliated, Iron-Man is offering his apologies and the team is about to depart when a confused Starhawk demands to know why Iron-Man appears to be speaking to dead air. This then clues the team to the fact that the ordinary-looking Michael is in fact the cosmic menace they’ve been seeking. With a certain amount of weary sadness, Michael confesses his identity and declares that for their meddling the Avengers must die. He then reveals himself in his true cosmic-powered state.


  • Plot by Shooter, script by Michelinie.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble. Letters are published from Matt Kaufman, Julie Shannon and Peter Sanderson.


  • When Jocasta removes her trenchcoat and fedora, revealing her robotic self to pedestrians, a bystander asks if anyone has seen Allen Funt. Funt was the producer and host of a popular TV show, Candid Camera, of the era in which bizarre stunts would be performed in public and filmed by hidden cameras nearby. (This reference can likely be considered apocryphal due to the sliding timescale of the Marvel Universe.)
  • When the Avengers arrive in Forest Hills, Queens, one of the suburban residents is singing a lyric from "Good Morning, Starshine", a song from the 1960s musical "Hair" and also a pop hit by the singer Oliver in 1969. This song has remained marginally in the public consciousness as a kitschy time period artifact. It's not out of character that a suburban dad might be singing it, therefore it isn't necessarily an apocryphal reference.

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