Quote1 You will recall naught of the terrible deed we have done! You, and the others will believe that the Avengers have again earned a great triumph -- but I will remember...FOREVER! Quote2
-- Moondragon

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Synopsis for "The Hope... and the Slaughter!"

Korvac and Carina stand before the Avengers. Korvac states that his opponents have ruined everything. Before their arrival, Korvac had veiled his existence from the "Great Powers of the Cosmos". But a battle between them will certainly draw their attention. He starts explaining what will happen. Standing on the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall will be the first to take notice. He will alert Odin. On the Blue Area of the Moon, Uatu will become aware of Korvac's existence. He will be tempted to forsake his oath of non-interference to stop the perceived threat. Eternity will also detect the presence of Korvac and treat him like a virus to his body. Then will come an alliance of Odin, Zeus, and Mephisto. They will lead their combined forces against Korvac and Carina.

Lost in his own thoughts of sorrow and regret, Korvac seems to ignore the Avengers. The heroes themselves do not dare to make the first move. Moondragon uses her telepathy to summon four members of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Martinex, Nikki Gold, and Yondu), who are at a distance of 50 miles from the battlefield. They use an Avenger's Quinjet to cover the distance.

The Guardians soon arrive and Charlie-27 knocks down the door to Korvac's home. Nikki comments on Korvac's changed appearance and that she would have trouble recognizing him. Korvac has no such problem and immediately recognizes his old foes. He warns them that their arrival will not significantly change the scales of power in this battle. Nikki answers that further reinforcements will arrive since Vance Astro will join them. Korvac is not impressed. He uses the ceiling of his home to broadcast an image of Drydock, their orbiting space station. He wants them to witness its destruction. With a single blast from Korvac, Drydock is destroyed and Vance Astro dies screaming.

Korvac turns his attention from his foes again. Furious at the death of "her" Vance, Nikki attacks Korvac. She threatens to tear his heart out. He swats her aside, killing her instantly. The force radiating from his body flickers for less than a second. It is all the time needed for Quicksilver to attack from behind. The rest of the Avengers prepare to follow Pietro's lead. All except Moondragon who stands transfixed. She is overcome by silent horror. Korvac easily kills Quicksilver, saying he is doing it for Carina's sake.

The next moment, Korvac faces a combined attack by Charlie-27, Iron Man, Vision, and Wonder Man. They pile on him, but they have troubling holding on to his energy form. While struggling with them, Korvac fires an energy blast at Captain America. It only strikes Captain America's Shield, but this leaves the shieldman temporarily dazed. Korvac proves impervious to Iron Man's Repulsors and Vision's thermo-optic beams. He soon breaks free and kills Charlie-27.

Thor is the next to attack. He hits Korvac with Mjolnir and claims that nothing can withstand the uru hammer. Hercules jokes that Thor should brag louder if he wants Korvac to listen. Because their foe still stands following the hammer strike. Hercules plans to attack next but never gets the chance. Korvac turns his attention to him and blasts him twice, killing him. Korvac observes that he, Thor, and Hercules are all immortals. But he is a colossus and the two of them are mere ants.

He next turns on Thor and blasts him. This fails to kill the Asgardian but temporarily takes him out of the fight. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Wonder Man have approached Korvac again and try to hold him back. Iron Man decides it is time to change tactics. He shouts for the Black Panther to take Carina hostage since he is the Avenger closest to her. The Panther hesitates since he feels taking a girl hostage is dishonorable. Yellowjacket declares "the hell with honor" and captures her instead. Carina fails to defend herself and Yellowjacket thinks to himself that she seems terrified, but what scares her is not him at all.

Korvac is angry and breaks the hold of Iron Man and Wonder Man. Yellowjacket orders Korvac to hold his fire or he will fry Carina. Korvac calls him an idiot and an insect, blasting him away. Yellowjacket is killed. Hawkeye observes the death of Yellowjacket and tells Yondu that they should attack Korvac together. The two archers prepare to fire their arrows together. Yondu prays for the spirits to guide their shafts. Korvac proclaims himself superior to the spirits and easily kills the two archers.

Ms. Marvel notices that Korvac has dropped his protective aura. She tries to stealthily approach and attack him. He notices, calls her a foolish woman, and kills her in mid-flight. Martinex decides that Korvac is too fast for any Avenger to face alone. He calls for himself, the Black Panther, and Captain Marvel to attack him together. Hoping that Korvac will not be fast attack to stop them all. Korvac proclaims that if they attack together, they will also die together. He kills Martinex first.

Captain Marvel thinks to himself that from Korvac's perspective they are moving in slow motion. His cosmic senses can perceive it, but he has no solution to this problem. Korvac's own cosmic senses warn him that Captain Marvel does not fear death. He notes that the Kree hero is wise, an admirable insect. His admiration does not prevent him from killing the Captain anyway. The only attacker still standing is the Panther. Korvac notes that he would rather not kill the "humble" Wakandan. But he then says that he has to, for Carina's sake. He kills the Panther with a single blast.

Korvac wonders how he can explain to his foes what he is fighting for. Happiness and love on a cosmic scale. He feels only the unconscious Starhawk could understand, since he and Aleta taught him about the oneness two beings can possess. His speech is lost to Black Widow and the Scarlet Witch who are the next victims on his list. They both die before having a chance to defend themselves.

Korvac continues to talk while casually killing the Wasp. Jocasta is the next to atttack. Korvac says that he feels pity for the feminine robot. She was created in the name of love and has no stake in this conflict. She is merely acting out of loyalty to her supposed friends. He is sorry to kill her but does so anyway.

Korvac notes that Jocasta was seemingly the last Avenger standing. The survivors are all unconscious. He will terminate them "mercifully". He fails to note that Captain America has just returned from unconsciousness and stands next to him. Korvac switches from his energy form to looking just human. The Captain decides it is time to attack and throws his shield at Korvac. The shield hits Korvac and dazes him. Captain America proclaims that "Mike" dropped his guard too soon. There is still one Avenger left. He asks whether Korvac failed to even consider him as a foe. Since he is only human. He punches "Mike" and proclaims that this is no god or super-man who is hitting him. Just a man.

He continues to attack Korvac while describing him as an overblown, self-righteous, self-proclaimed deity who casually commits mass murder. Well "this man" won't let him continue. While still in human form, Korvac grabs the Captain's right arm and pulls him down. He notes that the Captain is the lone foe who has managed to hurt him. But he can not yet prevail against his might. The Captain defiantly proclaims that he will find a way to stop Korvac. Korvac answers that given enough time, Cap could fulfill his threat. But he has no time because time now ends for him. He kills his foe with ease.

Wonder Man proclaims that Korvac killed Captain America. He attacks Korvac from behind. He comments that he heard Korvac say that it is wise not to fear death. Well he died once and the fear of dying again haunts him. He punches Korvac, then says that he wondered if he only returned from death to be haunted and be a coward. But now he believes that there was a reason for his return. Something he was meant to do. Now the whole universe depends on him to stop Korvac. And he is not going to blow his chance. He punches Korvac again.

At some distance from Wonder Man, Korvac begins to regain his energy form. Wonder Man notices but is not afraid of him. He calls for his foe to get up. He proclaims himself the strongest man alive and not afraid anymore. He attacks but it is too late. Korvac is back at full power and kills him with a single blast.

Finally, Iron Man, Starhawk, Thor, and the Vision awake and mount a concerted assault. Moondragon observes with tears in her eyes. She notes that she alone understands. She cryptically says that the hope is dead. Meanwhile Korvac is blasted by solar heat, coherent light bursts, magnetic rays, and living lightning. He is on the losing side for once and in pain. Michael turns to Carina for support, but she hesitates. She does not enjoy the bloodshed of the battle. And the prospect of a cosmic war ahead only scares her. She doubts their cause. At that moment, inexplicably, Korvac falls dead.

Iron Man, Starhawk, Thor, and the Vision discuss Korvac's cause of death. They realize that they could do no more than stun him. He would eventually retaliate and crush them all. Yet, he lost the will to live. Starhawk suggest that Carina was the reason for his suicide. But Carina interrupts him and blames these four for the death. She is angry and unleashes her own powers. She kills Starhawk first.

Thor observes that she is powerful and fresh to combat. Vision adds that the three remaining Avengers are battered and weakened. Before fighting, Carina asks them why did they have to cause this. Iron Man claims that they were only fighting for their lives and their world. Carina calls him a presumptuous flea. Iron Man calls her crazy. He calls for himself, Thor, and the Vision to grab her. They attack, but Carina calls the armor user an arrogant clown. She kills him.

Vision holds Carina to the ground and tries to reason with her. Proclaiming her vengeance pointless. She blasts Vision and kills him. Thor now stands alone against her. He is not afraid and calls for her to surrender. Or else he will slay her. She does not believe in his bravado. She notes that Thor is wounded, that he sways unsteadily on his feet, and that Mjolnir trembles in his grasp. She calls for him to strike anyway. When he hesitates, Carina asks if she will have to force his hand. She does just this, taking control of Mjolnir and using it to commit suicide. She falls dead next to her mate.

Thor and Moondragon are the last people standing. Moondragon explains that Carina wished only to die. She adds that in the heat of the battle she probed the minds of Korvac and Carina. She explains that Korvac was not evil. He did not wish to rule them or interfere with their madness. He wished only to free them from the capricious whims of Eternity. Thor asks whether they should have died instead of Korvac. Moondragon replies that his fate was inevitable. But that the Avengers are to blame for it.

Thor objects that he slew the Avengers callously. Moondragon replies that she sensed his remorse, as soon as he killed Nikki. Before dying, Korvac used his power to restore the Avengers to life. Thor realizes that the Avengers are alive but unconscious. Moondragon warns that some are barely alive and in need of a doctor. She reveals that she is aware of Thor's secret identity as Dr. Donald Blake. She continues by blaming herself for what happened. Thor asks whether Michael was just and the Avengers were the true villains. Then Korvac's innocent blood is on their hands. He is sorry to know it.

He changes to Dr. Donald Blake and begins work on his patients. Meanwhile, Moondragon uses her powers to make the memory of what she told him fade. She claims that Thor will recall nothing of the Avengers' terrible deed. He and the other Avengers will believe that they won a triumph. Only she will remember forever. She steps away in tears. The issue ends.


  • Wenzel is credited as Dave Wenzel.
  • Inks (issue pages): Marcos pages 1-21, Villamonte pages 22-31.
  • Letters (story pages): Typeset page 1, Wohl pages 2-18.
  • As seen on page one, This is Story# LG155.
  • This issue contians a letters page, Avengers Assemble. Letters are published from Mike Christiansen and Commander Quotey (And His Lost Marvel Madmen).
  • This issue also contains an advert for Hostess Twinkies featuring Daredevil Vs. McBrain.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's: Avengers: The Korvac Saga #1

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