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Synopsis for "Berserkers' Holiday"

The Avengers have arrived on Maura to return a religious relic to the island, only to discover it is being ravaged by a massive monolith! Thor and Vision try their hardest to stop the monstrosity, but to no avail.

Beast, observing from the Quinjet, reflects on how they got here - how Bloodhawk followed the arrival of the relic to a museum, and the Avengers subdued him and then debated his case - that the relic protected the island from supernatural forces! Eventually, they decided to return the relic, which brings us back to...

...Bloodhawk, swiping the relic from his teacher and flying out of the Avengers Quinjet! The teacher persuades Beast that he thinks the relic is key to defeating the Monolith, and Beast goes after Bloodhawk.

Back at Avengers Mansion, Iron Man is returning to the mansion when he is ambushed by a mysterious person wielding a weapon called a 'shocker'.

Vision tries to drop down on the Monolith from high above him and gets swatted into orbit, eventually crashing into the Pacific some 200 miles away after re-entry! Beast catches up to Bloodhawk and hops on for a ride. He wrests the relic away and then smashes Bloodhawk, buying enough time to escape with it. Beast runs up to the Monolith to find Thor being crushed under his heel. He explains he needs to get up to its head, and Thor hands Beast Mjolnir. Beast grabs hold and Woosh! Up he goes! Scrambling for a foothold as the Monolith tries to shake him off, Beast manages a dive to drop the relic into its slot, immobilizing the Monolith. Then Thor sends it to the far reaches of space, to never again threaten the Earth!

Bloodhawk, his sanity returned, demands the Avengers leave. Beast offers to take him to a mentor (Professor X) who won't shun him for his appearance and to be with others similarly gifted. Bloodhawk accepts!

Back in the Mansion Wasp, Yellowjacket, Black Panther, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, and now Iron Man are strung up as prisoners of... the Stinger! He intends to auction the Avengers to the highest bidder!

The rest of the Avengers return and Vision slips through the walls to tell the others of their return but gets ambushed by the Stinger. Thor and Beast hear his cry and go in to investigate. Beast gets put to sleep by Stinger, but he is in turn ambushed by Thor! Stinger turns himself invisible, and Thor decries his cowardice, but Stinger is going to get the drop on our hero when... Bloodhawk arrives and takes the hit for Thor! Stinger turns invisible again and tries to run, but Beast has meanwhile recovered and freed the other Avengers. Thor causes rain to fall, revealing Stinger, and the Avengers thrash him. Sadly, Bloodhawk took a blast meant for Thor, and he dies of his wounds even as Stinger falls.

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