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Synopsis for "Nights of Wundagore!"

Quicksilver, searching for his sister, has been rescued by Bova, servant of the High Evolutionary. Bova tells Quicksilver about both of their history; of how Magda came to Wundagore heavy with child, of how Bova was midwife to Magda when Pietro and Wanda were born, of how the High Evolutionary intended to give Robert and Madeleine Frank the twins in addition to their own, of Madeleine's death and Robert's inability to deal with his loss, and finally how the High Evolutionary gave the children to Django Maximoff and his wife. But Quicksilver is still left with two burning questions. Who is his father? And where is Wanda?

Wanda is magically bound by Mordred atop the mountain, but she uses her hex power to break free, and a magical battle ensues. A battle which she loses, badly.

Quicksilver is saying goodbye to Bova when his sister's face appears as an apparition in the night sky, but it threatens Quicksilver to leave and lashes out with a lightning bolt! Quicksilver runs down the mountain and encounters Django. They get attacked by magically animated trees but escape. Braving a number of arcane assaults, they reach East Transia, where Quicksilver places a call to Avengers Mansion!

Vision answers the call and rushes to inform everyone. Just as they start getting ready to go, Gyrich nixes the mission, claiming that there is no US security interest, Wanda isn't an active member, and they don't need another international incident. Steve Rogers goes to make a call. Beast and Gyrich trade insults, then Gyrich gets a call from the President authorizing the Avengers mission!

Back in East Transia, Django and Quicksilver are ambushed by Wanda. Except it's not Wanda... she is now possessed by Chthon!


  • Plot by Gruenwald, Grant and Michelinie, script by Michelinie.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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