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  • Russian pilots Alexi & Sergei
  • Russian colonel & captain




Synopsis for "Elementary, Dear Avengers"

The Avengers are taking Quicksilver home to Attilan to reunite him with his wife Crystal. There he learns that he and Crystal are going to have a child. This starts Wanda thinking about whether she wants a child, and whether or not she can.

The Avengers then depart for home, hoping to cut across the USSR and over the north pole to the US. MiG fighters intercept them, and Beast tries to ask permission to travel through soviet airspace, but suddenly one of the MiGs comes apart! The Avengers have a brief debate and decide to offer their services. Landing near a nuclear plant, they are held at gunpoint until a Colonel recognizes Captain America (who fought on the soviet front in WWII for a time) and points them at the problem. The Avengers then encounter... Vanadium! A fight ensues, and Wonder Man trashes the elemental. They go inside but are beaten back by the other elements. A retreat is sounded, but Falcon doesn't see Wasp and goes back to rescue her, only to be knocked senseless by a reconstructed Vanadium!

Wasp flies out some time later, having been totally missed due to her small size, and informs everyone that the elements are turning even more technicians into other elements, trying to fill out the entire periodic table! Ms. Marvel grabs a tank's laser, and she and Beast go in - blasting the reactor open and raining hot nuclear plasma down on the elementals. Falcon escapes and the Avengers beat a hasty retreat as the Elements of Doom are destroyed. They take off for home in their Quinjet.


  • This issue contains a Hostess Fruit Pie advert featuring the Hulk Vs an out of control experimental tank-like weapon.
  • References to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (as opposed to just Russia) should be considered topical references, due to the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. The USSR collapsed long before the start of the Modern Age.


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