Quote1 Forewarned is forearmed, Ms. M--But four arms do not great feats make! So, feets don't fail me now! Quote2
-- Beast

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  • Egghead's Space station (Recap)


Synopsis for "Heart of Stone"

Early in the morning, a mysterious meteor makes a sharp turn and crashes into the marshes of Brooklyn's Jamaica Bay! Even more surprising, the rocky shape changes hatches and transforms into a ponderous behemoth that starts heading toward Manhattan!

In downtown Manhattan the Avengers are arriving at a Senate investigation of their activities, called at their instigation after Gyrich's attempts to revoke their security clearance[1]. Fighting their way through the reporters, they arrive at the hearing.

At a Brooklyn subway station, the rocky behemoth fails to pay his fare, smashing through the ticket booth. It then jumps down into the darkness of the subway tracks and continues its unstoppable march to Manhattan.

Back at the senate hearing, opening statements are made, and then Gyrich calls his first witness: S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Lt. Dwight Stanford. Simultaneously, the meteor menace crushes a S.W.A.T. blockade of the subways. Back at the hearing, Gyrich is giving testimony of his own experiences with Avengers' security when Iron Man gets word of an N.Y.P.D. request for assistance. He asks for the hearing to be rescheduled, and Gyrich calls it a stunt. Turning a T.V. on quickly confirms the menace, but before the Avengers can take off, Beast suggests that perhaps the Avengers aren't needed. He hands Gyrich a table leg and suggest he take care of it. Gyrich gives in eventually, and the Avengers take off. Matt Murdock slips out to change into his costumed persona - Daredevil! - and joins the Avengers.

The Avengers find the stone menace, and the battle is fierce, but a simultaneous blow from Iron Man and Vision shatters the creature! Iron Man tries to figure out what happened when Daredevil warns him there's a heartbeat under the rubble, and then out springs... Grey Gargoyle!


  • Plot by Stern, script by Grant.

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  1. Last issue, of course.

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